Chemical Free Organic Pest Control

Coming March 2020!

We are now offering chemical-free organic pest control! Call us at (208) 357-9129 with any questions or to make your appointment!

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What Is Organic Pest Control?

We will be offering organic interior and exterior bug treatments. These will consist of a special concoction of essential oils combined with other natural products that are highly effective at killing insects. They are totally and completely safe and unlike organic produce at the grocery store. Pricing will remain the same as the conventional treatment. You just simply tell us which treatment you would like. And if you are worried that we won’t stand behind these organic products, our 45-day spider warranty will remain effective!

We use a chemical called Bifenthrin on house foundations and interiors — and have been doing so for years. Compared to other pesticide active ingredients it is relatively safe and effective. However, we encourage you as the consumer to do your own research and decide for yourself which way to go. You’d be surprised to learn how many naturally occurring herbs have potent anti-pest properties.

In addition to organic structural pest control options, we will be offering treatments for garden areas, fruit trees, and other ornamentals.


  • For gardens, we offer organic sprays and powders that ward off leaf-munching pests, as well as cultural methods to set up a pest-free environment.
  • With fruit trees, we have sprays and injections that are chemical-free and effective against pests like the coddling moth and apple maggots.
  • For ornamental trees, we are still offering our foliage sprays but with an option for trunk or deep root injection.

Trunk injection is still done with conventional pesticides. But these are injected directly into the vascular tissue of the tree and are effective for the entire season with just a one-time treatment. We can treat aphids, boring insects, scale, leaf-miners, and more this way. The major benefit to trunk injection is there is no spray drift like from conventional tree sprays that can get carried by the wind to gardens, neighboring yards, and playgrounds, and the treatment is much more effective and environmentally safe.

Spring Services – Horticultural Oil On Trees

This is also an organic product. Horticultural oil occurs naturally. This mineral oil suffocates insects and any over-wintering eggs that are laid on the bark of a tree. This is a great way to boost the natural immune system of the tree we highly recommend this treatment. It’s safe for ornamentals and fruit trees alike. It can only be sprayed in March and April before the temps get too hot because the oil can burn the leaves and needles of trees. During the remainder of the season, we will be offering organic and conventional sprays along with injections.