Spring Services You Need

pest control sign with dead pest

As the weather begins to warm up, so do the pests and potential diseases. No one likes to have their home and yard infested with pesky pests and diseases. The best thing you can do is to take preventative measures to stop these unwanted problems in their tracks. Star Pest Control offers many residential and commercial services such as pest control and weed and feed for your yard, but we also offer the following services as well:

pest control being sprayed in yard
  • Dormant Oil Treatments: This is to kill overwintering insects and eggs. Best applied before leaf budding starting mid-March.
  • Deep Root Injection Fertilization: This is for your trees and shrubs. Best to have done in March or April.
  • Organic Preventative Treatment: This is for codling moth in apple trees. Best to have done before May 15th.
  • Aphid Sprays: Optimal during mid-summer.
  • Crabgrass Pre-Emergent in Turf
  • Broadleaf Pre-Emergent in Turf
  • Shrub Bed Pre-Emergent: This treatment is great in landscape beds with no weed barrier or a failing barrier.
  • Preventative Treatment: Used for tree insect borers like pine bark beetle and aspen borer.
  • Plant Growth Regulators: This type of treatment makes it so you don’t have to trim and hedge as often.
  • Grub Prevention 
  • Bare Ground and Sterilant Treatments: This treatment is used on driveways, parking lots, and non-ornamental rock beds.

There are many different types of services you can utilize to fully take control of your property and its surrounding yard. Don’t wait until it is too late and you are overrun with infestations. Call ahead to Star Pest Control to schedule your services. We can help you plan for your yearly care and get ahead of these pesky pests and diseases.